Final Big XII Recap (3/04 - 3/12)


Down to the final week in the Big XII, Texas Tech and Kansas State has been battling it out for first place but finished as co-champions as both teams brought back a win to their representative schools. For the tournament, Kansas State locked up the one seed due to a tiebreaker of 4-2 to 3-3 against each other, Kansas, and Baylor. Kansas and Baylor had solid seasons. Baylor surprised fans as Kansas disappointed their fans. Either way, momentum is on their side heading toward the tournament. Iowa State got an outright 5th place going 9-9 in conference play. The tournament may be a nightmare for them because they can win at home, but can't win in-conference on the road...

Texas, Oklahoma, and TCU are also on the bubble for the tournament, being seeded 6, 7, and 8 (in that team order) respectively. Oklahoma State has a nine seed but got significantly better down the stretch. West Virginia is basically going downhill. Fortunately for the Mountaineers, their season will be about done.

Below, we will reveal to you the tournament seedings.


  • 1. Kansas State (14-4)
  • 2. Texas Tech (14-4)
  • 3. Kansas (12-6)
  • 4. Baylor (10-8)
  • 5. Iowa State (9-9)
  • 6. Texas (8-10)
  • 7. Oklahoma (7-11)
  • 8. TCU (7-11)
  • 9. Oklahoma State (5-13)
  • 10. West Virginia (4-14)

The Big XII tournament is set and will start tomorrow! Be ready as four of the teams will make their final push to the NCAA Tournament!

So we will start by recapping the Big XII and scores of the past week. Then, we will make evaluations and look forward to next week!

Monday, Mar. 4:

No. 18 Kansas State 64, TCU 52

No. 8 Texas Tech 70, Texas 51

Tuesday, Mar. 5:

Oklahoma 81, No. 13 Kansas 68

Wednesday, Mar. 6:

West Virginia 90, Iowa State 75

Oklahoma State 67, Baylor 64

Saturday, Mar. 9:

No. 18 Kansas State 68, Oklahoma 53

Oklahoma State 85, West Virginia 77

No. 13 Kansas 78, Baylor 70

No. 8 Texas Tech 80, Iowa State 73

TCU 69, Texas 56

Monday, Mar. 4:

No. 18 Kansas State @ TCU

Texas @ No. 8 Texas Tech