NIKE Stocks in trouble, as Williamson suffers injury


UNC prevailed in a heartbreaking game for Duke fans. The Tar Heels came away with their first win at Durham since 2016. The big news is that freshman star, Zion Williamson, came down with a knee sprain just 34 seconds into the game. Do you know another thing that came down with him? The stock market value for NIKE. Although Williamson sees a huge nightmare, NIKE faces a backlash. NIKE is sailing about 80-90 USD in their stocks. They are still in a haul to get their business back on track and dissolve Williamson's injury.

As for Williamson, he has a sprained knee. This is huge news as Barrett and Reddish will lead the Blue Devils through a very diplomatic ACC conference. Barrett and Reddish can score points and they led Duke on Wednesday. They have experience, but the execution is the key. Duke is the front-runners of the ACC but tied with Virginia and North Carolina. Don't count out Florida State and Syracuse who are both tied one rank behind the three leaders. Duke will have big shoes to fill if they want to carry home the ACC Regular-Season and/or Tournament Titles.

NBA teams, coaches, facilities, and players want Duke's Zion Williamson to sit out on the rest of the season. He has proven potential, he's proven talent, he's proven a FOTY candidate, maybe the No. 1 2019 NBA Draft pick. DeMarcus Cousins (for Golden State Warriors) told Zion that he should get ready for the next level. I have to agree with Cousins. It will be happening. Now, it's best for him and his family not to risk injuries and potentially spoiling his NBA - future - career. One injury can change an athlete's career.

Cousins says after the Warriors' two-point squeaker over the Sacramento Kings, "Well, knowing what I know now, college is bull----"

North Carolina's Luke Maye took huge advantage of Zion's busted shoe and injury as he was able to score 30 and lead UNC to victory. Barrett (for Duke) topped 30 and scored 33 points on the night.

With Zion's fall, that opened the door for Virginia to take the ACC late-season headlines. This is disastrous news for the Blue Devils come postseason.