Sweet Sixteen Preview


The 2019 Men's March Madness didn't have many upsets, which is crazy because last year was "The Year of the Upsets." Well, my logic showed as every 1, 2, 3, and 4 seed made it to the Sweet 16 except Kansas and Kansas State (both four seeds). They were replaced by Auburn (5) and Oregon (12) to round up the Sweet 16.

Here are some highlights showing how we got to this point

First Round

  • Michigan State got into the second weekend breaking their streak of three times that they have not done that (bailing out in the first weekend). It didn't come easy as they nearly got knocked out by Bradley.
  • Ja Morant and Murkus Howard lived up to its potential. Murray State and Morant manhandled the Howard-led, elite Marquette team.
  • Big 12 champion, Iowa State, goes down. What does that do for them and our brackets?
  • 16 seeds have become more competitive. Despite none won, two of them (Gardner-Webb and Iona) led at halftime. North Dakota State hung with Duke for the first half and Fairleigh Dickinson wasn't an easy team to beat.
  • The UCI Anteaters eat up Kansas State's offense and surged forward to the second round.

Second Round

  • Will Gonzaga get its revenge in their Sweet 16 matchup? Florida State will definitely play with grit.
  • Kentucky survives a scare from Wofford. What does this do for them to their March Madness run? Their next game is against Houston.
  • We will have a new champion as Purple devastates 'Nova. Purdue was relentless on offense.
  • Kansas' mediocre first half broke a school record nobody wants to break. Trailing by 26 at halftime, which broke their previous school record of 15.
  • San Jose pod in the South Region busted many brackets. Oregon won that pod and danced into the Sweet 16. The bad news? They draw UVA next.
  • Duke survived a major scare and put down the Knights from UCF. UCF missed two key shots for a game-winner after losing their lead. UCF almost pulled off the greatest upset in March.
  • Texas Tech dominates elite team of Buffalo.

So, when there weren't many upsets, it's sure fun to still keep track of it. Anyways, it provides much more tight battles with better teams.

Below will be a Sweet 16 bracket.

Go here for the printable version: https://www.printyourbrackets.com/ncaa-tournament-sweet-16-tv-schedule.html

Alright. Onto my predictions!

So yes, like my original predictions before the tourney started, I had Duke def. UNC for the championship. Now, I have UNC winning the season! I don't know. It's a coin flip!


  • UNC
  • Gonzaga
  • Duke
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Purdue
  • Michigan State
  • Florida State
  • Michigan
  • Texas Tech
  • Auburn
  • LSU
  • Houston
  • Kentucky
  • VA Tech
  • Oregon