Big XII Recap (2/4 - 2/11)


So we will start by recapping the Big XII and scores of the week. Then, we will make evaluations and look forward to next week!

Monday, Feb. 4:

No. 18 Texas Tech 81, West Virginia 50

No. 17 Iowa State 75, Oklahoma 74

Tuesday, Feb. 5:

Kansas State 74, No. 13 Kansas 67

Wednesday, Feb. 6:

Texas 84, Baylor 72

TCU 70, Oklahoma State 68

Saturday, Feb. 9:

No. 13 Kansas 84, Oklahoma State 72

TCU 92, No. 17 Iowa State 83

No. 18 Texas Tech 66, Oklahoma 54

Kansas State 70, Baylor 63

Texas 75, West Virginia 53

Monday, Feb. 11:

No. 14 Kansas @ TCU

Oklahoma @ Baylor


Kansas' streak of 14 straight regular-season conference titles may be in jeopardy. They have gone 8-6 since Udoka Azubuike got injured, and it has been a nightmare of a stretch. They have lost first place in their conference and has been fighting back just to get into conference contention. Texas Tech has not been the same team they were earlier in the season. Luckily, since their other competitors have been on a down stretch, they became more of a quiet team. They were undefeated last week and climbed back into the conference hunt. Baylor has been the kings of the conference for two weeks and has quietly climbed up to first place. They lost out of that position after having a losing week. Kansas State generates control in the conference now, after defeating beat-up Kansas team and a gritty Baylor team. They outlasted the Big 12 after defeating their in-conference opponents the last eight match-ups, close for a new school record. Kansas State has won their last eight of nine (lost to Texas A&M in the Big 12/SEC Challenge) and has a 1.5 game advantage. Iowa State has been in the mix, still, when they recently defeated Oklahoma. They did not want to take advantage of Baylor's two losses because they dropped a home game to TCU, which should've been a victory. Texas is playing for their lives right now on the NCAA March Madness bubble. They boosted their resume when they bested West Virginia and Baylor earlier this week. A few weeks ago, they also downed Kansas. TCU is in a more comfortable position in the bracket watch, but they should be worried as they do not have a strong record in the conference. Oklahoma is playing their way out of the tournament right now and into the NIT, and they need to step up their game. Oklahoma State and West Virginia are playing spoiler and trying to post wins on their schedule for a better seed for the conference tournaments.

Looking ahead to next week, Kansas State needs to sustain its first-place mark. Baylor needs to find a comeback in the Big XII. Kansas, who is desperate, needs to find a way to be successful without Azubuike, which may be difficult. One hope is that no team does not want to go down right now and be a failure.

Our first weekly report for the team! The Big XII had a very competitive and fun week! Despite, it did make the conference lopsided. Read on to see my evaluations and scores for the week.